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This is a horror trail of courage, where you will meet the biggest stars of cult horror films face to face. Your task is to try to survive these encounters and reach the finish line. There are about ten horror characters on the route - alive actors in costumes who will try to deprive the group of their lives. To protect the participants, they follow the clues that they read along the way.

The route is marked by lights and is usually about one kilometer long. It usually takes about 30 minutes to complete. Groups of 2 - 7 people can participate. Each group, regardless of the number of its members, will receive three lives at the start. Its job is to save and bring at least one of these lives. Groups enter the route at several-minute intervals. It is therefore necessary to book for events in advance, because each group has its own unique start time.

Ticket price for 2022

Purchase a ticket earlier than 3 weeks before the event: CZK 300 / person
Purchase a ticket in the period of 3 weeks before the event: 350 CZK / person
Purchase a ticket on the day of the event or at the starting point: CZK 400 / person
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Participation in the event is at your own risk. The organizer is not responsible for any physical, mental, property or other harm to the participants. By entering the route with this condition, each participant automatically gives consent.

Horror night is not suitable for people under the age of 12 and the organizer does not recommend participation by these people. However, if children voluntarily want to participate, they will be allowed to do so accompanied by an adult. However, they do not have a discounted entrance fee and if they decide to withdraw from the game after entering the route during the route, there will be no right to a refund.

The organizer reserves the right, at its discretion, not to allow persons showing signs of intoxication or the influence of other drugs on the route. If the person with the purchased ticket arrives at the start in such a state, there is no right to a refund.

Move smoothly along the route. Don't run or be too lazy. Always try to walk the route so that, if possible, you do not catch up with the group in front of you, but at the same time so that the group behind you does not catch up with you. You will contribute to the smooth running of the event and to the best experience of all participants.


  • Can I use my flashlight on the way?

    You cannot use your own flashlight or other light source. The route is always well marked and everything else that needs to be seen along the way will be well lit.

  • Are the characters contact?

    Yes. Most characters will try to touch you and take your life. If the character cannot be avoided, this contact must be tolerated. However, it is strictly forbidden for the participants to try to wash, push or even attack the character in any way. This is a game and no one wants to hurt anyone. Should such a thing happen, the group will be immediately excluded from the game.

  • Do I need any special equipment?

    We definitely recommend sturdy shoes, long sleeves and pants. The route does not always lead on paved roads. In the summer months, we also recommend equipping yourself with a tick repellent. However, no additional special equipment is required.

  • Can I take pictures with the characters on the route?

    Yes, it is possible. However, we recommend that you prepare and set up the device in advance. Flash, screen rotation, etc. These things usually delay the process of taking a photo and there is a risk that you will be caught by a group that follows the route behind you and it will ruin its experience. Captured photos or videos can be freely published. We'll even be happy if you tag us #nightball  #nocnibojovka

  • Can I get hurt at the event?

    Unfortunately, this cannot be ruled out. There is a risk of injury due to the conditions under which the event takes place. So in the dark, in the woods. There is a risk of injury from an overlooked stump, root, branch, etc. It is therefore necessary to behave responsibly towards yourself on the route. Above all, we do not recommend a frantic run into the dark outside the marked route, where the baits actually described are always waiting. Above all, therefore, by entering the route, each participant automatically agrees to participate at OWN RISK.

  • If I have created a registration for my group, can I add more people to it?

    Yes that's not a problem. However, the maximum total size of the group should not exceed its maximum capacity of 7 people. In case of adding other people to the group, it is enough to bring these people to the start, where they will pay the entrance fee. This will usually be a bit more expensive than pre-registered people. The price is determined for each event separately.

  • Does the event take place even in bad weather?

    The event always takes place in almost any weather. In case of normal rain or snow. However, the organizer may postpone the event to another date in case of a thunderstorm, really heavy rain or wind, at its discretion.

  • Do you attend a group?

    Walk the route smoothly and try not to stay in one place for a long time. Always take into account the group behind you, which is always nearby and certainly does not want to catch up with you.

  • What happens when I lose all my lives?

    You continue along the route until the end and you still participate in everything. You will find out what will happen to you at the finish line.