Horror night for companies

Take advance on your company event with the Horror night. 

Horror night is also available for your company events. We will arrange this attraction in your place, or we can make it ready for you in some of areas we already use.  

Where is possible to arrange to horror night?

We need a proper environment for the event. The best choice is forest, big park, or available old empty building.


What kind of company event is appropriate for the horror night?

  • Company night, close to a forest
  • Over night company tutorial in a hotel, close to a good environment for the horror night. It is an ideal advance for a company weekend
  • Weddings, private parties

How does the horror night teambuilding look like?

We always visit you, before the event day to plan everything. Participants will be devided into groups of 2-7 people. The distance among groups is 5 minutes. So you can plan the list of groups in advance. Each group will know the time of its start.

Is it important to stay over night in the place?

It´s not necessary. In spring or summer, twilight is coming soon. So it is possible to go through the event during the evening. That´s why you don´t need to sleep in a hotel. Restaurant next to forest is ok.

We have already implemented more than:
in companies

How long the event lasts and how many people can participate?


In one night, we are ready to accept even 300 people. It is usual we arrange the event also for smaller companies, like 50 people.

The lenght depends on the amount of people, of course. For example, if you arrange 4 people groups in 5 minute distance, and you need to serve 80 people, the event will last approximately 2,5 hours.

Price - chceck the horror night price in the price list.

We will prepare a tailor-made offer for you

we will adapt. Write us your requirements. Especially where you want to organize the event, for how many people, and what kind of event it is. We will prepare a tailor-made offer for you.

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Are you interested in teambuilding with the horror night, but you don't have your own location?

You can choose from a list of places we have chosen, where we will be happy to organize the event for you. In this case, we can only prepare the horror night, or arrange the whole evening with our partners with a restaurant or accommodation.

The list of our locations and partners
  • we will add soon
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